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Czar Dennis Holstein of Russia Email

For readers searching for a site to communicate with members. Vale Conga is a great place to do that. Vale Conga makes it easy to share pictures, videos and content with members all around the globe. Get started now at Vale Conga.

Robert Keenan Email

trying to get intouch with marines i had seeved with

Charles kanehailua Email

I am very interested in getting in contact with guys from my brother’s unit.

Olivia C. Kimble Email

Enjoyed viewing all the photos. Wonderful webpage.

Thomas E. Phillips Email

Hello    India   3/5   1st Platoon     1966---67

Chester & Mary Jane Keene Email

Thank you for honoring the family of Frank Miller.  Hope to come again next year.

Curtis Email

Hello to each of you,
This message is being sent to you from the newly reunion communicator, Karen Ford.  My duty is to provide you with updates throughout the year about the 2017 reunion to be held again in Cadiz, Kentucky.  Many of us like to be reminded about information for the yearly 3/5 Marine gathering, and I hope these periodic messages will help.
Below you will find information necessary for next year's plan:
Lake Barkley State Resort Park                        phone numbers:  270-924-1131 
3500 State Park Road                                                              1-800-325-1708
Cadiz, KY   42211
dates:    May 17-21, 2017
 reunion contacts:  Ken and Dee Godkin                      email address:  familyfinder1@cox.net
                                         8309 N. 37th St.                             phone number:  402-319-7128
                               Omaha, NE    68112
                               Curtis Eidson                                  email address:  jarheadnam@aol.com
                               PO Box 230                                    phone number:  770-262-1535  
                               Waco, GA  30182
registration fee: $60.00  (pays for one t-shirt, one cover, cd's, programs, convention hall, etc.)
                                                      send to Ken or Dee Godkin before the reunion in May
Listed are your committee representatives.  Questions or other matters can be sent to them also.
India 3/5-  Jerry Bain              email:  jkbain@yahoo.com
                 Bob Wunderlich     email:  rcwunderlich@comcast.net
H & S-   Jim Blankenheim      email:  jim.blankenheim@gmail.com
              Carl Gregory            email:  gregoryteresa@hotmail.com
Kilo 3/5-  Joaquin Gracida      email:  jcg2002@gmail.com
               Bill Borgio                email:  bborgio@msn.com
Lima 3/5-   Glenn Glasgow     email:  doc.lima3_5@att.net
                  Bill Hamilton          email:  wmhamilton5@hotmail.com
Mike 3/5-  Craig Sullivan        email:  sarge353768@yahoo.com
                 Dennis Tylinski      email:  dingus4649@gmail.com

Kris Bartram  Email

I have visited this site at least 20 times since Saturday. Reliving the memories over and over that were left for my uncle Forest La Wayne Bartram. I wish I would have gotten to know him and him I. I have been trying to get into contact with folks that he was with before and during his death in Vietnam. To no avail really. If any one has any info on him you can find me on face book or email me. I received his burial flag and a few medals. This past weekend. He's always at the back of my mind. I wish I had the stories of him to be able to tell my son. Who is the last one of our blood line. But unfortunately I don't. Thank you for making this website where I can go to
Look at pictures of him.

Bill Norman Email

My name is Bill Norman, 1st Recon Bn - Chu Lai - 1966/67, and I am helping a cousin of PFC Ronald J. Huelskamp try to locate someone who remembers Ronald in Vietnam and who could talk to her about him.  Ronald served as a Mortarman in H&S 3/5 from June thru September 1968.  He was KIA on September 29, 1968 in Quang Nam Province.  Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.  Semper Fi.

Paul Zipps Email

Glad I finally found the website. I was with L/3/5 fro Feb67 to May67. Went through the transition from M14's to M16's on first arrival before getting to carry the M60 for the rest of my (short) tour. Sorry I missed the reunion this year  but I'll be looking forward to attending next year's

Rev. Chester W. Keene Email

Mary Jane(Miller)Keene & I really enjoyed being your guests for honoring her family.  Thank you for making me an honorary member of Mike 3/5.  I enjoyed the shoot & the trophy.  We have it in our case at home.  Our sons now know about Vietnam & what it meant to all of you & to us.
Sember Fi & God bless each of you.

Louis J Bottino (MSGT Retired) Email

I served with India 3/5 3rd platoon from Jume 1968 thru October 1968. WIA three times transfered out of country. Participated in operations Mameluke Thrust, Houston IV, again Mameluke Thrust, Sussex Bay and a third time Maneluke Thrust were I was wia Oct. 1st with shrapnel to right hand and lip (grenade), concussion from round through my helmet and again shrapnel right leg and neck from rounds bouncing around in the chopper on the way out. Retired USMC May 1988 MSGT.

Cane Man Email

Hope ya have a gr1142jeat 2016 Reunion

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Bob Knight Email

I was in 2nd platoon India 3/5 from March to Sept. '69. Carried the M-60, then the platoon radio for Lt. Haegstrom until being wounded in the Arizona on 5 Sept 69. Would love to hear from anyone who served with me.

kirk lyon Email

I joined up with mike co. at an hoa in 6-1970 m 6054prn

Peter DaSilva 

I didn't want to miss this opportunity to wish my fellow Marines,
especially those members of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, a very happy and healthy Veterans Day.

Semper Fi!

Peter DaSilva

Peter DaSilva 

I didn't want to miss this opportunity to wish my fellow Marines,
especially those members of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, a very happy and healthy Veterans Day.

Semper Fi!

Peter DaSilva

James "Doc Henry" Hendricks Email

Class of 1969 Vietnam. 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, India Company.  HM2 USN USMC FMF An Hoi Battalion Aid Station

Peter DaSilva Email

I served with Kilo, 3/5 in 1967. WIA on 06/15 on Operation Adair
. One of the Marines who were killed on that day was Philip Chipchase.
"Chipchase and I were in bootcamp together, Platoon 1050 at P.I.
Funny, I ran into one of our Drill Instructors, Sgt. C.C. Sullivan,
a couple weeks before the ambush. I don't know which 3/5 Company he was in. If anyone can help, I would like to contact him.
I was a grunt in Lt. Gracida's Platoon (yes, he was a 2nd Lt. at that time). I was hoping to speak with him when I decided to attend next year's reunion. Unfortunately, that won't be possible due to his untimely passing.
Many thanks to Carl Gregory for pointing me in the right direction.

Semper fi.

Peter DaSilva

Curtis Email

Bradford Vaughn this is Curtis of 3/5. I need to get in touch with you but you left no means. Please e-mail me at Jarheadnam@aol.com

Richard miller Email

I'm a caretaker for Richard Miller, a Marine Veteran who served in Vietnam from 1959'-1961'. Looking to reunite. Please contact me.
Phone or email 541-852-6476 Thank You-Elisha-

Bradford A. Vaughan 

Just found your web site while searching for any info on the old    3/5 web sites that listed names and dates of service.  I served with K 3/5 from Nov 66 thru Dec 67. Would love to hear from anyone that knows where some of the guys are.  Weakee, McDonald, Zimmerman, Rossoff.  I have photo of John Carota that I took while in the field. Can't remember if it was his last mission or not.  He told me that his mom didn't know he was in Vietnam but thought he was in Okinawa bowling every night.

Alex Morales Email

I was with K/3/5 from 1962 to 1964 and with H&S/3/5 
from 1965 to 1966.

Larry Mullins 

I was in mike 3/5 in 60 mortars in Dec 68 to Aug or Sep of 69.i got my second 48 and was able to go home.
Hope to hear from you all

Justin Gerken Email

Just wanted to leave a message on here for anyone who might have known Tom Hoey of 3/5 I believe he was in J co. From 67-69. Tom passed away last year, he spent his life dedicated to vets and loved the Marines. He'd takin me under his wing being a vet myself from a much later time. I have an old hat that was passed down to me bearing the 3/5 logo. I think about him everyday and the sacrifice all vets have made, and thank each and everyone one of you. Looking at the hat tonight I decided I'd get on here and help pass the news of him along.

mike english Email

I was with kilo 3/5 1967 and 1968 3rd plt. spent most of time around an hoa hai van pass langcro carried radio for gny sora. I also did some co. driving when in rear. an hoa.  I remember a few names and have some pictures, some of which I think I have seen on 3/5 site. I just responded to Lt. fred smith.

Garion Hines Email

I service with 3/5 India co. for a couple of months in 1968,after be sent from 3/27 Mike co. to 5th Marine Regiment out in An Hoa.

Richard Byrne Email

K Co. 3/5 12-66, 1-68, 60 mm morters

macis Email

Wonder & lovely http://moz.com/community/users/5071 thanks.

Wayne R. King Email

hi everyone, I was with M-3-5 in 1968-1969 looking to hook up with anyone from that era, Thanks, Wayne

Antonio Gonzales Email

Great website. Could you link and or include our website in 3/5? There might be Marines there that someone from 3/5 know.


KIA/Family Survivor Unit Officer

Lawrence E Honan 

I served with 1st squad, Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, from 1967 through 1968 I was the Team leader from 1st Squad. I was wounded in action on February 3, 1968 near Quang Nam Province I  was medivaced to Japan, and then to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. I would like to receive information for the upcoming reunions I would also like to hear from anyone that served with Mike 3/5 between 1967 and 1968. I graduated from Parris Island in October of 1966 Platoon 1047.I live in New Jersey and I am retired on disability. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
Semper  Fi

Ken Lotridge Email

I served with H&S Co from 68-69 Semper Fi

Harvey c Ellis jr Email

I was with mike co3/5 from 70 71 was on Lz Ross Hill 55 would like to here from anyone who might know me I was a cpl m79man with 2rn plt.

Jeremy Wilking Email

Hi Everyone, great website.

I was digging around on the An Hoa combat base last week and found a zippo
it is pretty beat up, but on one side it says

      THE LORD

The other side is more damaged but i can read

        I Co 3/5
       60 MORTARS

It might say L/CPL.  and it might say Jerry, and i cant make out the 2 numbers in the middle.

If anyone knows anything about this lighter or person, i would love to return it to its owner.


Richard Mitchell Email

I served from 3/67 to 4/68 with Comm Plt H&S Company 3/5 as
FAC and Battalion radio operator.
Captain Robert Marnell was our CO for most of the time I was there.
I just recently located Buford Grappe in Campti Louisiana who I replaced
on Operation Union when he got hit by a sniper.
Looking to make contact with others that served in same Company
during this time span.

Semper Fi

Joe Holt Email

I received this recent forward. "Can you help me in finding out any information about Eric "Butch" Duffer for his cousin, Rita. I left Nam in April, 67 and maybe some of
the "Newbies" might remember him. This lady seems very nice and I'd like to help her out." 
Duffer was KIA in March of 1969.  If any of you guys remember Duffer I look forward to the response.  Then we can hook up with Rita.  I've got my fingers crossed.  Semper Fidelis, Joe Holt, India 3/5 1966

John William Anderson Email

I am searching for anyone who knows or knew my father, Thomas W. Snead. He was in the Green Berets. He served in Vietnam. I have never met him and am trying to establish contact. Thanks.

George Brewster 


  My name is George Brewster and I'm conducted a search for pictures of Gunnery Sgt. Dean Edward Armstrong, KIA 13 May 1967 Viet Nam.
  The reason for this search is to add more pictures to Dean's names for the Wall of Faces Project. Dean has (I) one posting and the Representatives of Wall of Faces has asked me to assist in the search for more, thus giving Dean a history for the visitor(s) to see real people who shared hopes and aspirations we all do.
  I am from Atoka County Oklahoma but did not know Dean. I served in Viet Nam 1968 with the 11 Light Infantry Bde.
  Any and all help from you and the men of the 3rd Bn, 5th Marines would be appreciated.
Thank You,
George Brewster
First Sgt. (ret)
US Army

Ron Skaife Email

I just finished writing a paper titled; "Personal Experience: Observations of a Nine-year Old and a Fifty-Four Year Old Desert Storm and OIFII Combat Veteran".  After finishing the paper I started to search around, for that nine-year olds uncle, PFC Billy Bresnahan K 3/5 WIA5/13/67, died of wounds recieved 5/26/67.
I happened onto this site and started reading.  A long hand salute to all of you who served and fought in Union I and II, and in follow on operations. 

Roger Smith Email

I was with Alpha Co. 3rd platoon in 1969 Vietnam, the Arizona. Looking for Brian Fletcher, Charles French and Bill Moon, Pinky to name a few.

Kelly Email

Hi I am looking for any information for my
Father. He graduated bootcamp mcrd San Diego march 1968, I believe platoon 259 and then was in 264. He served in Vietnam 68-69. His name is Joseph McGuire. If anyone has any information it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you


Left for home july 27, 1967
Would like to find friends I served with.
Hope to attend reunion next May 2013


kenneth wells Email

sgt. wells here would like to here from some of the marimes I served with 66-69

Tanya Lucas Email

Hello-It is good to see you all doing well.  We miss you here in LaGrange Georgia.  Tell Curtis hello for us.  God bless you.  Tanya & staff at Lafayette Garden Inn, LaGrange Ga.



     My brother was Sgt. John T. Carota kia 9/6/67 on Operation Swift.  He was the Platoon Sgt. in Kilo Company 3/5 2nd platoon.  He also served as Squad Leader in previous operations Union 1 WIA 5/13, Adair, Pike, and Cochese before Swift.  I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.  God Bless all you heroes and to Ken and Dee for this website.


Domenic Carota 

Robert Cotton 

First time for me to look back I feel so sad for all the pain and suffering of my fellow Marines. I was in "M" co 3rd plt on operation Union 1 when my 13 months were up,  have read just recently of all the hell that took place after I left. Found pic of me taken by Tylinski, read about Kelly(radio)Cpl Chisholm, these guys I remember well . What a great bunch of men

George McConnell Email

I was with Lima Sept 67 to Dec 16, 1967 as a corpsman. 3rd platoon (I think).  I was wounded by a 81 short round the night of Dec 16th.  There were 3 kia and 35 wia.  Just found out about reunion from Carl Gregory who just showed up on my doorstep tonight.  I'm so glad he did, we fought the war again and Won!!!!
May try and come to the reunion at Lake Barkley.
I live in Old Hickory Tn.
Does anyone remember a black headed guy from Alabama.  He would share a cup of coffee with me when we were on a operation.  He had the stock of his M16 shot off in a fire fight.  Sure would like to meet up with him again, I hope he made it home alive.  Wish I could remember his name.
Semper Fi
Doc McConnell


My brother Richrard GRINNELL was Kia 8/22/ 69. I would like to hear from anyone who served with him. My e-mail address is , l-grinnell48@hotmail.com. It is my great hope that all who were in Vietnam are all well and know that you are all loved by those who you fought and sacrificed for. You' re reward will be in in the life beyond the one we now have. Lee GRINNELL
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